About Us

Container Homes USA is an innovative, cutting-edge company focused and dedicated to providing the very best in modular container structures. 

Quality oriented, infinitely customizable, from “do it yourself” to delivered to your specifications—we do it all. 

We understand that the world has changed.  Traditional structures no longer fit every need.  Something needed to change.  And that is where we come in.

We are, at our core, builders.  Our team knows how to pick up a hammer, use industry-specific finishing techniques, blend design with structure, customize to your heart’s desire.  Blend space, storage, and functionality needs together to give you precisely what you want.  And some things you didn’t even know about.

AND we don’t just build modular structures.  We are also committed to building lives as well. We understand from personal experience how one mistake in life can close doors forever. 

Headquartered in the heart of Cleveland, it is our belief that we will be surrounded by a vast wealth of untapped human resources that are eager to work, hungry for knowledge and thirsty for opportunity.

Share in a joy-filled experience with you by giving back a portion of the profits from your project to provide others with life-changing employment opportunities and transformational community involvement that equips and empowers all of us to show up in the world as the best versions of ourselves, share our gifts and shine our lights in a way that resonates with all of us—in the depths of our souls.

We provide training and support to people who need a second chance to learn vital skills and reclaim their life with honor and productivity.